2022 Graphic Design Trends

Yohan Penny
December 13, 2022

Graphic design is always evolving, and staying up to date with the latest trends is essential for any designer looking to create fresh and engaging designs. In this article, we'll explore ten graphic design trends that dominated in 2022. From nostalgic 90s influences to expressive and experimental lettering, these trends provided inspiration and guidance for designers looking to create cutting-edge designs that stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The Top 8

1. 90s nostalgia

One trend that is expected to be big in 2022 is 90s nostalgia. This trend is characterized by bold and bright colors, as well as simple geometric shapes and patterns. Designers are drawing inspiration from the aesthetic of the 90s, which was characterized by a playful and optimistic spirit. This trend is perfect for creating designs that are both nostalgic and modern.

2. Expressive and experimental lettering

Another trend that was big in 2022 was expressive and experimental lettering. This trend is characterized by bold and unique typography that pushes the boundaries of traditional lettering. Designers are experimenting with different typefaces, styles, and layouts to create dynamic and engaging designs that draw attention to the text.

3. Ukiyo-e flat design

This trend draws inspiration from the traditional Japanese art form of Ukiyo-e, which is characterized by flat, simplified forms and bold colors. Designers are using this aesthetic to create modern designs that are both minimalistic and striking.

4. Daydream doodles

This was all about playful and whimsical illustrations that are hand-drawn and have a childlike quality. Designers are creating designs that are inspired by daydreams and fantasies to create a sense of wonder and playfulness.

5. Anti-design

The anti-design trend was HUGE in 2022. This was mostly minimalistic and raw designs that reject the traditional rules of design. Designers are using this approach to create unique and edgy compositions that are both simple and striking. This style is most likely to carry over into the next few years, especially in the music, architecture, and art industries.

6. Escapism

This trend is characterized by designs that transport the viewer to a different place or time. This could be through the use of vibrant colors and imagery, or by creating a sense of nostalgia.

7. Y2K or Futurism

This could be through the use of futuristic imagery, or by incorporating elements of technology into the design. The addition or use of many AI designs litters this particluar style.

8. Parametric patterns

These designs are created using algorithmic processes. Designers are using this approach to create complex and intricate designs that are both unique and striking.

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