Brand Identity, Visual Design, Collateral Design

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Web Designer and Creative Lead

Hayley came to me with the desire to establish digital branding in the form of a website for her skin treatment center.

She had a solid Instagram page and wanted to incorporate that moody feel into her site's esthetic.

This was an interesting project because some of the design decisions required coding into Shopify's CSS in order to manipulate dimensions and place elements where it was normally impossible.

First we determined a creative direction which required research into her fields of study, her industry, personality, and hobbies.

After a few variations, we settled on a creative direction and next focused on tweaking the system's code to give it a dark, edgy, and sophisticated feel. As a part of offboarding, I walked the client through the software and how to make changes herself. After the contract had ended, I continued to provide support until no further assistance was needed.