Surfer Boy Pizza


Brand Identity, Visual Design, Collateral Design

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Creative Brief


Strategist & Creative Lead

This is a pizza business located in Lenora Hills, California. The store owner had an outdated identity, mainly playing on the nostalgia of the 80's. He wanted to keep the same idea in his branding, but also wanted it to be attractive to the modern consumer.

I was given a color palette for guidance as well as some aspects of their service details for this project.

I utilized the youth desert culture of California for this work. I sought something edgy and bold which would make local teens and young adults feel a sense of community through it's ties to popular music and culture.

I also used visuals that felt local and familiar to people like the client.

I made the uniforms visually appealing to the community so that they would sell a ton of shwag as well. We also updated the company car.